Christian Black Belt Academy

Christian Black Belt Academy offers martial arts training for kids & adults of all ages! Students receive training in traditional Taekwondo, weapons training in our Black Belt Club and Masters Club, extreme martial arts in our Xtreme Ninja Warrior class, and are also introduced to anti-bullying techniques and stranger danger skills. Whether you are looking to get your child in shape, increase your confidence, or give your family something fun to do, Christian Black Belt Academy has the answer!


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Basic Membership: $585 ($15/week for 26 weeks + $195 enrollment)

Elite Membership: $845 ($25/week for 26 weeks + $195 enrollment)


Upcoming Belt Testings – Thursday, December 14, 2017 at 5:00pm (tiny tigers) and 6:15pm (kids/adults)

Upcoming Tournaments – 2018 dates coming soon


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