After School Program

The Academies After School Program proudly serves our community by providing daily transportation from surrounding schools to our local state-of-the-art facility. For only $59 per week, students are treated to healthy snacks and spend time working on homework, studying, and reading. Our friendly, qualified staff move students through a variety of activities, including sports, physical education, games, arts and crafts, and time at our outdoor playground.




The cornerstone of our After School Program is our high-quality lessons: as a part of our program, students receive weekly professional lessons in dance, music, and martial arts, where they learn important life skills like teamwork, discipline, self-confidence, and integrity. Students who study these important crafts will see an improvement in physical fitness, focus, and self-confidence; they will sleep better, have more energy, and discover a passion for the arts!


Price: $59 per week plus one-time enrollment fee of $199.


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