About Us

Pastor Troy Stein and his family moved to Lathrop in 2010 with the goal of serving the community. The plan was simple: plant a church whose many activities and events could give the families of Lathrop and the surrounding area a safe place to have fun, be served, and find a place to belong.

The Academies was founded in fall of 2011 by Pastor Troy, as a way to combine his long-successful Taekwondo program with his new venture, a dance school. Pastor Troy had been in the martial arts industry for thirty years, and had made a name for himself by combining traditional Taekwondo teachings with innovative kid-friendly curriculum, all founded on Christian standards. He chose to apply these same unique traits to a dance school, and Christian Dance Academy was formed. Meanwhile, New Life Church’s school of music chose to adopt the same Christian principles and new teaching methods, and the three-part Academies was born.

Beginning in the San Joaquin Valley out of rented public school classrooms and community centers, both New Life Church and The Academies found a home in a Lathrop shopping center, and set to work expanding and putting down roots. Now housed in a several-thousand square foot facility, New Life Church and The Academies boast a large auditorium, spacious classroom and lobby areas, matted Taekwondo facilities, a professional dance floor, bars and mirrors, modern sound systems, a Lobby complete with a snack bar, free wifi, seating, and nursery, and an outdoor playground.

The taekwondo, dance, and music classes offered at The Academies are taught by highly-qualified instructors with years of schooling and experience in their fields. Each instructor is held to high moral, spiritual, and educational standards, and is constantly being given training to stay in the top of their peer group. New Life Church is also proud to provide qualified, caring volunteers to care for the students of The Academies, and for the families of the community.

Each class includes learning complimented with proven, up-and-coming teaching techniques, as well as exciting games, inspiring music, and spiritually-grounding exercises. Instructors at The Academies take great personal interest in each of their students, and work hard to help each child and adult see their worth and potential in this world.

New Life Church and The Academies have only just begun, and with future plans for larger facilities, updated equipment, more locations and bigger dreams, you can be sure that “New Life” and “The Academies” will soon become household names in the San Joaquin Valley and beyond.


Welcome to The Academies @ New Life. It all starts here.